Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Tips on How to Style and Accessorize your Home

I have three surfaces that I love to style in my home:

  • Living room coffee table
  • Entryway Console
  • Bedroom nightstands

I have put together 5 of my favorite tips when it comes to styling and adding accessories to your home.

Tip 1: Use a Tray. 

This tip is especially useful for easily cluttered areas like coffee tables. A tray will add a surface area where items can be grouped together and not look disorderly.

Tip 2: Hide remote controls and keys in a decorative box. 

Not only will you hide unsightly items, but you will never lose your keys again!

Tip 3: Hang art and mirrors at the right height. 

The general rule is to hang at eye level, this usually means 56"-59" off the ground. But this is not always the case, make sure to hang pieces so that they become part of the display. Hang art and mirrors BEHIND accessories instead of ABOVE.

Tip 4: Books. 

This is a great tip for two reasons. One, you will be able to display your favorite books. Two, you can use the books to give height to smaller items.

Tip 5: Edit. 

Just like when you are putting together an outfit, you don't want to over accessorize. Step back and look at your display with a critical eye. Did you display too many items? Always Edit!