Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Bastille Day Photo Transfer

This is a great DIY if you like antique prints. Photo transfers are also quite an inexpensive way to create your own art.

All you need for this DIY is:

  • A piece of light colored wood. I bought mine at an arts and crafts store, but you can buy a single piece of wood at a home improvement store and have them cut it down to your specifications.
  • Gel Medium. I bought regular matt.
  • A laser printed photo. Make sure you use a laser printer because inkjet will not work. If you want to add text to your art, print the text in reverse.
  • A plastic spoon.
  • A wet sponge.

Use the spoon to scoop out some gel medium, then use your finger to spread the gel out. Make sure you use enough to coat the entire piece of wood, but too much because the photo will not transfer correctly. 

Place your photo on the wood and smooth out as well as you can. Let dry overnight or until completely dry. You MUST be patient. 

When completely dry, run water over the wood to dampen the paper.

Now you can start to scrub off the paper.

If took a couple times of scrubbing to take off all the paper.

Voila! French art!

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