Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY Memorial Day and 4th of July T Shirts

Instead of buying a pricey tank top or t shirt this Memorial Day, you can use this paint method to make your own patriotic wearable art! Follow instructions below to make your own.

What you will need:

  • Tank top or t shirt
  • Fabric spray paint from an arts and crafts store
  • Painter's tape/ stickers
  • Cardboard/ old folder 

Lay your tank top on a flat, protected surface.

Take card board or an old folder and put it inside of the tank top.

Now you can start your design. I decided to make a flag inspired tank top.

Once everything is taped, you can start spraying. 

Let dry for about half an hour.

This is my favorite part! Start pulling off the tape and see what you get!

Now that I finished the red stripes, I started with the blue part.

I cut some stars from used Avery labels. You can just buy stickers if don't want to do this step.

Tape off blue area and spray.

Let all paint dry over night.

Love! Patriotic and wearable!

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