Thursday, March 17, 2016

DIY 4 Leaf Clover Door Hanger

Follow the steps below to make your own DIY 4 Leaf Clover Door Hanger:

Draw out a 4 leaf clover shape onto a piece of plywood. You can either do this free hand or use a stencil. 

Even though this is a St. Patrick's Day DIY, you can take this same concept and easily make an Easter DIY with the same steps. Instead of a clover, you can draw a bunny shape or even a basket.

Use a jig saw to cut out the shape. If you are not comfortable using a jig saw or if you don’t own one, you can cut a shape out of foam core instead, using an exacto knife.  

Now that your shape is cut out,  we can cover the front with moss. You can buy sheets of moss at any craft store. 

Flip the moss over and trace the 4 leaf clover shape onto it.
Use hot glue to glue the moss onto the front of the plywood. Don’t worry about cutting multiple pieces out of the moss. The seams will not show when you are done.

 After you glued on all the moss, turn it around and screw in these eye hooks. This is how the clover will hang from your door or wall. Thread a ribbon through and tie.

 Now its all set to hang! You can leave it how it is or you can tie a bow on the front. 

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