Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easy and Accurate Way to Hang Up Frames

I seem to move my art and furniture around A LOT! This week I decided that I needed to move some picture frames to a reading corner. It seems like a simple enough project, but creating a symmetrical frame design can be difficult.

What you will need to hang art accurately:

  • All the art/frames you will be hanging
  • Tracing paper or any other rolled paper like wrapping or wax paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen/pencil
  • Picture hanger/nail

Start off by setting up your furniture and deciding how far from the floor you would like to hang your frames. I like to hang frames and art so that the middle of the piece is eye level. The rules are a little different when hanging gallery walls or multiple pieces. This tutorial will show you the easy way to figure out where to make a hole in your wall. 

Now that you know approximately where you want your frames, it's easier to decide how much spacing you want between each piece. I had 1 1/2 inch spacing for this project.

Lay out tracing paper and tape the sides together if you need a larger sheet. Set up your frames and measure the spacing so that they are all symmetrical. 

After all the frames are exactly where you need them, Use a pen to trace around each piece. 

Now that everything is traced, you can remove the frames. 

Tape the tracing paper to the wall behind your furniture. Now you have an opportunity to move the tracing paper around and position it in the perfect location. 

Now that you know where you want to hang, move your furniture so that you can easily access your wall. 

Now you can begin to hang!

Make sure to measure!

All done!

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