Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Saints Party Decor

This DIY is for anyone who is excited about the upcoming Saints Football season! I made some easy DIY table decor for your next party. This is the perfect example of how you can recycle old candles and mason jars. All you need for the project is gold spray paint, mod podge and glitter!

Spray paint can mason jars and candles with gold spray paint. Let dry fully.

Mix mod podge and glitter in a disposable container. 

The mix will look white but it will dry clear.

Paint your mason jars with the mod podge/gliiter mixture

Also paint your candles with the same mixture

Let dry overnight   

Display gold glitter candles in a hurricane candle holders. I used black spray paint on rocks for the bottom of the holder. 
I reused black Halloween faux florals to create a full centerpiece out of the mason jars.You can also use the gold glittered mason jars to display silverware and straws! 

We are ready to party!

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