Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy DIY Super Bowl Football Field Table Runner

 This DIY Super Bowl table runner is made of turf carpet that I bought at Home Depot. I like using the turf as a table runner because it only cost $3ish and I have no problem throwing it out if food gets on it. You can also use the same instructions and idea and make anything from a Super Bowl rug to even a Super Bowl door mat.

What you will need:

  • Indoor/Outdoor turf
  • White tape
  • Scissors

I wanted to make a smaller table runner, so I only needed 1 1/2' of the turf. The turf at Home Depot comes on a 6' roll, so that was perfect for what I was making. If you want a larger piece, you can buy the same product at Lowes, where is comes on a 12' roll. Always be friendly to whoever helps you out, the lady only charged me for a foot.

Lay your 6' x 1 1/2' piece of turf out and tape the edges so that the rug doesn't unravel. 

Now you can start taping down decorative lines so that your table runner looks like a football field. You can look at an online photo and get really detailed for this part. You can ever add numbers and end zones. I wanted a simple design so I just randomly taped lines. 

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