Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"The Some-Times Picayune"

CHAIRish the Children had it's 14th annual gala this month where they feature designer chairs and other exciting entertainment. They asked Chet Pourciau Design (where I work) to come up with our own one-of-a-kind chair to auction off during the gala.

"The Some-Times Picayune" chair is of course themed after our beloved Times Picayune newspaper that has recently moved to printing only three times a week. All articles featured on the chair focus on New Orleans events in the recent past.

I love how this chair turned out. The picture below is what it originally looked like. Instructions on how to refinish your own chair is also below. 

I started by ripping off that HORRIBLE slipcover (very satisfactory).

After removing the cushion, I took the chair outside to spray paint. I used white spray primer and let it dry fully over night. I then used yellow spray paint on the chair. You might want to test out your spray paint before you buy it because I didn't like my original choice. Spray paint in light layers and let dry in between.   

The finishing touch was the newspaper cushion. I cut out newspaper articles that I thought were interesting and used double sided tape to stick them together into large sheets. I then took the newspaper sheets to a local printing shop and had them laminated. Lucky for me, I didn't have to sew the cushion myself. A local upholsterer did the job for free since the chair was for charity. He used upholstery nails to finish it off.

How do you think it turned out?

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